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Objet Polyjet* High Resolution 3D Printing

Tired of paying too much for 3D printed parts that take weeks to arrive? Need high resolution but shocked by the cost? Use 3DAddFab to 3D print your parts using Polyjet technology and save 30% or more.

*Also known as "Stratasys Inkjet" printing since Objet-Stratasys merger

ON-DEMAND 3D Printing

Proudly Printing in the USA since 2011

Save more than 30% compared to other fabricators using OBJET's high resolution VeroWhitePlus and Polyjet technology. Get an instant quote - no registration required.

  • Order by 5pm ET and your order will ship the next business day!*

  • Free Shipping on orders $100 or more*

  • International Shipping Available

  • Quantity Discounts on Short Run Production

Upload Your STL* File for an Instant Quote!

Upload Your File for an Instant Quote

*Learn about STL files and STL repair here and here

OTHER Services

Need parts in quantity? Dpending on the part, Polyjet 3D printing could be your answer for short and/or custom runs up to several hundred pieces. We can consistently, quickly and accurately print parts and will provide you with a custom quote guaranteeing the best prices we can offer. Contact us for more info.

Have questions about content creation or traditional fabrication ? We can help get you started with CAD design and reverse engineering services. and other production methods such as casting, injection molding or CNC milling.

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***COMING SOON: In-House Professional Injection Molding***

Contact us for more info.

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Exploring the possibility of buying a 3D printer? Objet Polyjet printers are high resolution 3D printers perfect for prototyping, short run production and more. And now you can try out the technology risk-free. Sign up for 3DAddFab's Free 3D Printing program, use 3DAddFab for your current Polyjet and 3D printing needs and when you buy an Objet printer we'll rebate everything you've paid to us - up to $2000!

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*In some cases, due to part geometry or other factors, next day shipping may be impossible. If your part will not be shipped within 3 business days you will be contacted and have the option of cancelling your order. $15 minimum order.

Cheap 3D Printing

Same Technology. Same Materials.

At 3DAddFab we use the same technology, have a simple online quoting and ordering system and can deliver as fast or faster than much larger fabricators. And we're NOT a wholesaler - all fabrication is done in-house.

You won't find a lot of Big Fabbing's bells and whistles here. But you won't pay for them either. What you will find is a lean operation  offering prices SIGNIFICANTLY less than those same large fabricators.

3DAddFab: same quality, better delivery, better prices.


3dAddFab uses Objet-patented Polyjet technology to fabricate your 3D design in high resolutions of 600dpi x 600dpi x 900dpi - greater than most FDM technologies. This allows for details as small as 0.1-0.2mm and VeroWhitePlus polymer results in items more durable than other similarly priced powder-based 3D printing technologies.

3dAddFab will 3d print your item - using the same technology and materials - at prices cheaper than leading competitors by 30% or more.

Customer Comments

Got the parts. Thanks for the super quick service. Already working with them to check fit and function.
C.S. Colorado

Got the parts. Thanks for the super quick service. Already working with them to check fit and function.
C.S. Colorado

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