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Founded in 2011 and located just south of Denver, Colorado, 3D Additive Fabrication, Inc. provides high resolution 3D printing that is easy to price and order, at a lower cost than existing fabricators.

Although we're especially excited about the future of additive fabrication, we wouldn't call ourselves evangelists - more like 3D printing realists. We don't think you need to be convinced that additive fabrication or 3D printing is going to change the world; it's currently a niche industry with a number of specific applications that is perhaps hitting its peak on the Gartner hype cycle. We are still not that close to 'Tea, Earl Grey. Hot'.

What we do think, however, is that 3D printing should be more accessible to more people. The more of YOU who understand and USE 3D printing, the more likely it is that new and imaginative applications will be created and the industry will grow - this phenomena has been described as 'combinatorial creativity' - and the reality will be in line with the hype.

Unfortunately, high prices, long lead times, and sometimes questionable quality have kept many of you away. That's why 3DAddFab is offering fast, high resolution 3D printing at as low a price as possible.

Finally, we understand that ultimately we're about 'making' things. Sometimes 3D printing is the best option but not always. If, for example, your part needs to be injection molded or CNC machined we can work with our partner companies to get the job done. We also offer affordable 3D CAD design and reverse engineering services if you need help in creating your content before fabrication.

Whatever your application we'd like to work with you to get it off the ground. So whether you're a 3D printing pro or just getting your feet wet, we'd love to hear from you!

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